I really enjoyed living at CozzyStay Accommodation's house! The place was always clean and tidy, the flatmates were friendly and from different backgrounds. I made a lot of new friends, experienced new cultures, practiced my English, even learned few words in different languages!
Overall was a great experience!

  - Diego Vianna Fontes, Brazil - CozzyStay Sydney

I have been living at the 'Southport CozzyStay' apartment for three months since it opened.
It is a beautiful open-plan living space; it is a great location being close to the Broadwater where a lot of free events are held. Australia Fair shopping centre is just down the road, and the bus stop is right out the door. 
Even though it is on a busy intersection, I have become used to the noise. 
I love meeting and making friends with all the international students. 
Last, but not least, the staff is lovely. They make you feel more like family than a tenant. Thank you Gustavo, Carla and Mario.
Mostly, I love to call this place HOME .
Thank you CozzyStay.

  - Helen Rangihuna, New Zealand - CozzyStay Gold Coast

Hi, I am Laura! I am from Brazil and I have been living here in Brisbane with CozzyStay since I arrived, two months ago.
The pick up at the airport was awesome, the guys who picked me up were really warm and friendly with me. So, first I lived in Queen St unit in a single room. The apartment was really nice, safe with a perfect location and also was very big and clean, the flatmates were the best I could ever ask for. I don't have anything to complain about there.
Now I'm living in Spring Hill in a shared room. The CozzyStay staff was really helpful when I moved to this apartment; they helped me with my things and with everything I needed. The apartment has everything we need, especially in the kitchen; it is really big as well and the location is also good.
I am very happy with CozzyStay services and staff, I have only good things to say about them, and I am really thankful for what they have been doing for me here.

  - Laura Strapasson Marini - Brazil - CozzyStay Brisbane

At the first moment, when I arrived in Brisbane I went to an apartment of CozzyStay... after eight months I'm still here...The apartment is near many services, and the most important thing is that I share the apartment with many fantastic people.

  - Lulian Iacob, Romania - CozzyStay Brisbane

Hi, I’m Emika. I’m from Japan.  
I came here last week. The staff came to the airport to pick me up. I could find him easily, and he was very friendly and kind. 
This house is really nice and comfortable. 
I can walk to the Central station in 15 minutes. Access is very, very good. 
It’s a very clean room, bathroom and kitchen. Share-mates help each other, and we have rules that are already decided by CozzyStay. It’s not so hard but very important. 
We can organize and learn many things. 
I don’t have any problems about my house. 
I can spend my new life with nice share-mates and a nice house.

  - Emika Katano, Japan - CozzyStay Brisbane

How to sincerely describe my experience with CozzyStay accommodation in Perth?
Let's start by introducing myself: my name is Florian, I'm a French guy, searching for liberty and a life full of surprises!
I've been staying in CozzyStay accommodation in Perth for something like eight weeks now. The general building is really clean and the housekeepers, are doing a great job. And when something isn't clean or if there is a lot of dishes to clean or to dry then you can turn your eyes to the people staying here (as in your own house).
Personally, I'm staying in a 3 person bedroom. We have plenty of space (no need for more) and the beds are really good. There is a big wardrobe for each of us. 
We have a locker for each of us in the bedroom plus one locker in the kitchen and one in the fridge, which is really good.
As in every hostel or student house, the people staying here are from all around the world, and it's always a pleasure to meet new people for me! 
And by living in Northbridge you can't be closer to everything (transport, stores, bars and restaurants...).
The price for a 3 person bedroom is quite cheap for what you have in the end. It's for me a really good place to stay in Perth if you don't have a car and you are searching to stay in a clean place but not too expensive!

  - Florian, France - CozzyStay Perth

I've been living in CozzyStay Accommodation for a year. Everyone I've met they are always surprised that I staying in here for that long. The reasons why I like here it is because in this accommodation I met so many incredible people from all around the world. We share information for entertainments, we cook together, we go out for fun and we watch movies in the TV room. The most important thing is the location - just 5 minutes walk from Perth City Train station, which is an awesome and convenient location for either students or backpackers. If I had a chance to choose again, I will definitely stay in CozzyStay.

  - Wade Wu (YUEH-TA, WU) - CozzyStay Perth

I'm Berdan from Turkey. It's my first time abroad, and I preferred Australia, which is twenty thousand kilometers from my country. Two months passed since I came here, and I still feel like I am living with my family. Thanks to CozzyStay for their hospitality and their helpful team. I stayed in their flat for two months, and this experience was amazing. I woke up seeing the ocean every morning. My flat was at Southbank and so close to the Yarra River and 15 minutes to my school and city center by walking. Actually, when I came to this home, I thought it was the first time for someone living in this home, and it was me. It was a clean, warm and very comfortable house. Thanks to CozzyStay for their help for our comfort and help for all problems about the differences of Australia and Turkey.

  - Berdan Bagci, Turkey - CozzyStay Melbourne

I am going to talk about my experience with CozzyStay accommodation. So I've been living in this accommodations since September 2016. I have already lived in three different places  -  Southbank, Abbotsford and St Kilda and all of them were an amazing experience. I made friends from all over the world  - Japanese, Italian, French and, Turkish among others. All the houses were comfortable and with a good environment. I recommend CozzyStay since the moment you arrive at the airport you can trust that a friendly person will be waiting to pick you up safely until you get home.

  - Leandro Porfirio, Brazil - CozzyStay Melbourne